Jordan Hanford is an Army veteran and current Doctoral student at The University of Auckland, New Zealand, where he is co-supervised between the Politics and Philosophy departments. Jordan and his wonderful, supportive, and loving wife, Meghan, moved to New Zealand with their dog, Tank, in June 2016.

Jordan started undergraduate studies at UIUC in Fall 2008, and studied abroad at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland in SPR 2011. He graduated from the Global Studies (Governance, Conflict, Resolution) program in SPR 2012, with an additional certificate in Arms Control, Disarmament and International Security studies. While at UIUC, he was a regular presence at IV weekly counseling, and was heavily involved in the Global Studies Leaders, a student group which dedicated itself to helping a diverse student group familiarize with a complicated major, among other things.

Following graduation from UIUC, Jordan used the last of his Montgomery GI Bill benefits and the majority of his post-9/11 kicker to cover a portion of the tuition and expenses for a 1-year Master’s program at The University of Sheffield, England, graduating with an MA in Politics (Global Justice).
Jordan began study at the University of Auckland in July 2016 with the aid of a University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship. Jordan’s project at U Auckland has to do with the political philosophy of cosmopolitanism and its detractors, evolutionary psychology, and climate change. IV and IVA members may appreciate that Marcus Aurelius stands as one of many famous cosmopolitan philosophers.

In deciding where to pursue Ph.D. studies, Auckland stood out to Jordan for a few reasons, among which were considerations of supervisor, departmental ranking, time and money: having the right supervisors is essential to getting the best guidance in a research process; studying in a well-ranked department may carry more weight for post-doctoral work; Auckland’s Ph.D. programs are expected to take 3 years (as compared to the 5-year process at many U.S. universities); Auckland’s tuition for Ph.D. students over the course of the program is about 10% of the cost of out-of-state tuition for a Ph.D. student over the course of the program at a number of comparably-ranked U.S. public universities.
Following the successful completion of his research project, Jordan hopes to find work teaching at a university.

Best of luck to you, Jordan!